Five Of The Best Natural & Organic Facial Cleansers

Cleansing is without a doubt one of the most important steps in your skincare regime, but it can be difficult to find one that deeply purifies without leaving your skin feeling dry or tight.

Luckily we’re here to lend you (and your skin) a helping hand.

Read on as we reveal a short-list of our all-time favourite natural and organic facial cleansers that replenish your skin without stripping away moisture.

1. MV Organic Skincare Gentle Cream Cleanser

This ultra-soothing cleanser is the crème de la crème for sensitive skin. Containing nourishing ingredients like camellia oil, vitamin E, rose otto, chamomile and mandarin, this luxurious, aromatic concoction is perfect for all skin types.

A favourite with celebrities around the world (including the gorgeous Rosie Huntington-Whiteley), MV Gentle Cream Cleanser will leave your skin feeling clean, soft and fresh.

mv gentle cream cleanser

2. La Mav Sweet Orange Foaming Cleanser

If you have oily or combination skin and are looking for a product that will ensure a thorough clean, look no further than La Mav Sweet Orange Foaming Cleanser. Formulated with papaya extract to purify and gently exfoliate, this beautiful formula will leave your skin looking bright, clean and fresh.

It also contains nourishing goji berry, antioxidant-rich Kakadu plum, refining and soothing Witch Hazel, along with soothing rosemary and marshmallow extract.

la mav sweet orange foaming cleanser

3. Mukti Hydrating Cleansing Lotion

This intensely moisturising cleansing lotion is perfect for normal to dry skin types, and has a luscious, silky texture that melts beautifully into your skin.

Mukti Hydrating Cleansing Lotion is a firm favourite here at THE ECO EDIT because it gently removes makeup, dirt, oil and impurities to leave your complexion feeling fresh, supple and clean, while also replenishing your skin’s hydration levels.

Key ingredients include nourishing coconut oil brightening Kakadu plum, and soothing shea butter.

mukti hydrating cleansing lotion

4. Pai Camellia & Rose Gentle Hydrating Cleanser

If you’re prone to redness and irritation and find that most cleansers can leave your skin feeling dry or tight, we strongly recommend you give Pai Camellia & Rose Gentle Hydrating Cleanser a go.

It easily removes makeup dirt and impurities, but unlike detergent or alcohol-based cleansers, it won’t strip away your skin’s natural protective barrier.

Bursting with skin-loving ingredients like camellia, rose, omega 3 and vitamins A, B, C & E, this restorative cleanser also comes with a free muslin cloth that gently exfoliates to leave your complexion looking smooth, fresh and bright.

pai camellia rose gentle hydrating cleanser

5. Endota Spa Organics Moisture Restore Cleansing Milk

If you’re after a lightweight cleanser that can hydrate and restore your skin while still being tough enough to remove stubborn eye makeup, try Endota Spa Organics Moisture Restore Cleansing Milk.

With nourishing natural ingredients like cocoa butter and calendula, and antioxidant-rich native extracts like lilly pilly, this gentle cleanser rejuvenated your complexion with vitamins and antioxidants, and leaves your skin feeling smooth and hydrated.

endota organics moisture restore cleansing milk

Honorable Mentions

You know we couldn’t stop at five – and why would we when there are so many amazing products out there just waiting to purify and beautify your complexion? Here are more natural and organic cleansers that get two thumbs up from our team:

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